I think there is something magical about food traditions and how they simultaneously are this delicious manifestation of honoring and celebrating culture and an expression of relationships and community. I fell in love with the pastys’ working-person origins, practical functionality of the crust, and fillings of delicious simplicity with room for me to impart my seasonally inspired, creative whims. 

Over 10 years ago I co-owned and operated a 3 acre diversified vegetable farm in Wisconsin. Because of this lived experience, I deeply appreciate all of the hard work that goes into small-scale family farming. For several years I worked for the High Desert Food & Farm Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting local agriculture and local food in Central Oregon. Through that job I got to connect with many food producers whose hard work and dedication I deeply admire and respect. We are all better off because they are here and daring to do a hard job. I’m committed to sourcing as many ingredients as I can from the Central Oregon producers, farmers, and ranchers that I know and whose practices I trust. 

Food is connective. It’s community made tasty and tangible – I can’t imagine any other way I’d rather spend my energy than sharing and celebrating those connections.